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Colburne l Accent Chair

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The Colburne I is a premium accent chair featuring a perfectly cushioned, fabric-wrapped, wide seat braced by a wooden chassis mounted on a four-legged iron base.

The Colburne I is a luxurious accent chair that boasts of perfectly padded, extra-wide upholstered seating braced by a wooden chassis that is mounted on a four-legged solid iron frame. Wrapped in a plush beige fabric that complements the medium-brown wooden accents and matte-black toned iron legs, the Colburne I makes not only for a visually enticing seating option but also for a stable and sturdy one in any contemporary space. 

Product Size (Inches) 40.6L x 40.6W x 32.3H

  • 40.6" x 40.6" x 32.3" Accent Chair

    The Colburne I accent chair measures 40.6" long by 40.6" wide by 32.3" high. 

  • Plush Fabric Wrap

    The Colburne I, featuring a perfectly stuffed, extra-wide seat and armrests wrapped in plush fabric, not only offers unparalleled comfort but also makes for a visually enticing addition to any space and setting. 

  • Solid Wood Frame

    Built to stand the test of time, the Colburne I features a fabric-wrapped solid wood chassis that is braced by a four-legged solid iron base that ensures exceptional stability and sturdiness. 

  • Modern Design

    A stunning, beige fabric-wrapped club chair with a perfectly stuffed, wide and deep seat, the Colburne I looks gorgeous in any modern space and is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your space without compromising on comfort. 

  • Easy Assembly

    The Colburne I follows a two-step, easy assembly process which means it is ready to turn heads in your space shortly after it arrives at the door.