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Owen 1-Light Adjustable Wall Sconce

Warm Brass Finish
Matte Black Finish
English Bronze
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Bring helpful illumination to your home with the Owen 1-light sconce. Its sleek design includes a curving arm that is adjustable, swinging from side to side so you can get light right where you need it. A white fabric shade provides a soft, comfortable glow to go with the Warm Brass, Matte Black, or English Bronze finish. Comes with a decorative pull chain. Can be hard-wired or used with the included cord and plug. Bulb not included. Adjustable sconces are a perfect idea for use at the bedside, taking the place of bedside table lamps, and are also ideal task lighting for living rooms and other spaces! The understated look of Owen makes it a great fit for rooms of any decor style. 

6"W x 18"H x 6"D