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Miro Curio Cabinet

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Miro 47.5L x 18.0W x 85.5H Dark Wood W/Black Metal Frame Arch Cabinet

Almost neo-gothic in appearance, the Miro Cabinet is a masterpiece of design with its clever use of materials and lofty aesthetic. This granddame features an arched cabinet that sits atop a modern iron base. The cabinet itself is made from a sturdy black iron, and is fronted by dark, solid mango wood doors. The doors feature a sleek iron grip and tempered glass that provide a window into the lighter solid wood interior. Once opened, the cabinet reveals a beautiful light brown inner and removable shelves to show off much-loved curated pieces.

What we love about it

  • The beautiful arched design and the combination of wood, glass and iron
  • The lovely textures of the dark and light brown mango wood
  • The durability and sleekness of the iron shell and base