Maddox ll Side Table

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A C side table for couch-side surface space

Geometrically appealing, the Maddox II is a simple yet stylish side table featuring a top made from premium Indian mango wood. The stunning wooden top is held in place by an L-Shaped, matte-black polished, metal frame that not only looks great but also introduces solidity in the Maddox II. A stunning combination of medium-brown wooden tones and matte-black accents, the Maddox II is the perfect choice for spaces based on the Industrial, Woodlands or Mercana Modern design styles.

Product Size (Inches) 16.0L x 13.5W x 27.0H

  • 7.0" High End/Side Table

    The Maddox is a C-shape end/side table measuring 16.0"L x 13.5"W x 27.0"H. 

  • Solid Wood and Metal Construction

    This modern side table features a rectangular, Mango wood top that rests on a sleek metal frame in a C-shape design. 

  • Medium Brown Finish

    Not too dark nor too light, the wood is smooth textured with a warm, brown finish that highlights its natural beauty. The iron legs feature an unfussy, matte black finish. 

  • Space-saving Function

    This compact, three-sided table is designed to hover over sofas for convenient couch-side surface space. 

  • Modern Inspired Design

    Its clean, linear profile makes it easy to incorporate the Maddox into a number of design styles. It work especially well in modern interiors.