Kasey Set of 2 Accent Tables

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A duo of versatile nesting tables in a modern metallic finish

Kasey (Set of 2) 17.7L x 12.6W x 24.4H Galvanized Metal Nesting Accent Tables

  • Two Sizes

    A set of two tables in two different sizes. The largest measures 17.7"L x 12.6"W x 24.4"H, while the smallest measures 16"L x 11.5"W x 22"H.

  • Galvanized Metal Construction

    These square nesting tables, made entirely from galvanized iron, strike a simple, linear silhouette with an open frame design. Lightweight and airy, they offer easy placement and portability. 

  • Translucent Black Finish

    A translucent, black coating provides added depth and sheen, accentuating the spangle pattern so distinctive of galvanized metal. 

  • Nested versatility

    These tables can be stacked and pulled into practical configurations to suit different needs. Nest them together to save room space, slide them apart for more surface space, or move them around to serve in different areas, the possibilities are almost endless! 

  • Modern inspired Design

    They're the perfect way to add a quick dose of modern metallic to a space!