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Secret Beach - Alben Lane Candle Co.

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Candles inspired by memories from the East Coast

Every East Coaster's got their favourite beach - this candle is inspired by ours. With notes of bergamot, sage, jasmine, amber, and musk, this scent is designed to bring a relaxing and refreshing ambience to your home.

When we were kids, our dads found this beach tucked away on the lake we both lived on that nobody owned, and didn't seem to be accessible by land. It had the softest sand, and was sheltered in a peaceful and calm cove. Since that day, we've filled boats with friends, family, and dogs and spent our time swimming and relaxing on this beach - the memories we share from this spot are priceless. While we won't be revealing our secret beach, we hope this scent is able to remind you of sun on your skin and sand in between your toes

Hand poured in Nova Scotia by Alben Lane Candle Co.