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Chival Pendant

Polished Nickel Finish
English Bronze
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Industrial-chic style is exemplified by vintage details and understated, practical design. The Chival pendant is no exception. It has the splendid, uncluttered appearance of a vintage commercial fixture, and an elegant, rich finish of dark English Bronze, or metallic finish of Polished Nickel. Classic cream opal, etched glass adds to the charm. One 60W, E-style bulb provides plenty of illumination, as imagined by designer Karyl Pierce Paxton. And the size is terrific to install alone, in pairs, or several grouped together:

A perfect, solid, high-quality pendant with vintage appeal for your dining area, kitchen, living room, family room, foyer, great room, office, or stairway.

11” wide and 17” high, with an adjustable hanging height up to 48.5”.