Step inside a world where style meets serenity—Lane & Co.'s Bedroom Mood Board is here to inspire your perfect slumber space. Our latest selection is crafted to harmonize your restful haven with chic elegance.

Centerstage is our Asher Slipcover Bed, a vision of comfort for nights of deep sleep and lazy morning light. The Rothwell Nightstands stand guard on either side, their presence as reassuring as it is refined. And for ambiance, the Maya Table Lamp casts a warm, inviting glow.

Above, the Marimba Chandelier weaves a pattern of light and shadow, adding a gentle cadence to the room's serenity. Artful touches grace the walls with our Vintage Landscape and Abstract Lines pieces, each telling its own story within your tranquil retreat.

For those quiet moments, the Estelle Chair and Karli Bench beckon, promising comfort and a pause. And the Thomas Side Table, your bedside companion, holds your closest keepsakes within arm's reach.

Have any questions about shopping this look or adding in some new pieces to your home do not hesitate to reach out. Visit our store Lane & Co. located in Dartmouth, N.S. or online. You can send any questions via email to or connect with someone on our team on Instagram.

If you are looking for extra support our amazing design team at Staged For Upsell, Halifax’s leading home decorating and home staging company would love to help you out. Connect with us today!


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