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Skylar Accent Chair

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The Skylar is a stylish chair that features a fabric covered seat and back mounted on a stained wooden base.

Featuring a plush, fabric-covered seat and back that are rested on a unique frame, the Skylar I is a stylish seating option for your living room. The seat and backrest are stuffed to perfection and covered in a soft, off-white fabric adding to the comfort aspect of the chair. The Skylar I also features a unique ash wood frame that not only guarantees stability but also adds to its visual appeal, thanks to the demilune shape with a square pattern. The Skylar I fits well in spaces based on the Mercana Modern and Lakeside design styles. 

Product Size (Inches) 29.0L x 29.8W x 33.8H

  • 29.0" x 29.8" x 33.8" Accent Chair

    The Skylar I accent chair measures 29.0" long by 29.8" wide by 33.8" high. 

  • Plush Fabric Wrap

    Featuring perfectly stuffed seat cushions wrapped in a plush cream fabric, the Skylar I is exceptionally comfortable. 

  • Sturdy Ashwood Frame

    The Skylar I is braced by a unique, demilune shaped ash wood frame that ensures exceptional stability and sturdiness. 

  • Modern/Lakeside Inspired Design

    The Skylar I flaunts a stunning fabric-wrapped seat rested atop a solid wood frame with hollow square details. This unique, demilune silhouette complements the juxtaposition of materials on the Skylar and makes it a great addition to a lakeside or modern space and setting. 

  • No Assembly Required

    Delivered pre-assembled, the Skylar I is ready to turn heads in your space as soon as it arrives at the door.