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Rupert Accent Chair

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The Rupert is a posh club chair featuring poly-linen covered, cushioned seating that is mounted on a stainless steel frame.

The Rupert, a posh club chair, features a soft poly-linen covered seat and backrest with matching arms and body. The Rupert’s body is mounted on to a hand-crafted stainless steel frame with a dazzling gold finish that intensifies the look of the chair. In addition to the soft fabric on the outside, the high-quality, down filling inside the cushions adds to the comfort factor of the chair. The Rupert is a stylish, yet functional seating option designed to cater to spaces based on the Mercana Modern design style. 

Product Size (Inches) 28.5L x 31.0W x 32.0H

  • 28.5" x 31.0" x 32.0" Accent Chair

    The Rupert accent chair measures 28.5" long by 31.0" wide by 32.0" high. 

  • Plush Fabric Wrap

    The Rupert, featuring a chassis and perfectly stuffed cushions wrapped in plush cream-toned fabric, makes not only for a comfortable seating option but also a visually enticing addition to any living room. 

  • Sturdy Steel Frame

    Rested on a solid, stainless steel cantilever frame finished in a dazzling, gold polish, the Rupert armchair is stable, exceptionally sturdy and is built to stand the test of time. 

  • Modern Inspired Design

    Designed to add a modern touch to any space and setting, the Rupert club chair flaunts a sleek silhouette, with subtle curves and clean lines. 

  • No Assembly Required

    Delivered pre-assembled, the Rupert is ready to turn heads in your space as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.